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"What keeps you going?"

“What keeps you going?”

Pastor Carlo Panlilio talked about the most probable reason why people quit and give up: a lack of vision. Everyone experiences trials of all sorts, but A GOD-GIVEN VISION WILL KEEP YOU GOING.
What is a vision? A vision is a compelling picture of the desired — it is something that moves you and causes you to act. A vision should be inspiring — it is meant to attract people to accomplish it with you. A vision turns things from ‘could be’ to ‘should be’ — it doesn’t remain in the realm of wishful possibility but moves people into the realm of action. Nothing is more powerful a mover than a God-given vision.

Using the story of the lepers in 2 Kings 7, Pastor Carlo shared six keys to having a vision that keeps you going: casting off unbelief, spending time alone to develop vision, prayer, realizing your current reality, writing down what you would like to see, and sharing this vision with people.
Starting today, let’s create a culture that encourages dreams and visions. Write down your dreams, share it, and post it online. Let’s fill our news feeds with dreams and visions that God has placed in our hearts. And don’t forget to use our hashtags!

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