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Growing Deep in the Word
Two Foundations
April 22, 2018
Pastor Kai Bangcola

Where is your life built on?

The Parable of the Two Foundations — Matthew 7:24-27

There is a man who digs deep and lay down its foundation on the rock. The other would be rushing it and built on an unstable foundation — a sand. One built it out of wisdom and another, out of foolishness.

1. We are all building something.
Are we building our life on something else or on Jesus and His Word? In building our life, could it be that God is teaching us to live by faith and not by emotions? May we dig deeper in His Word and let it examine our hearts.

2. Rains and floods will come.
It’s just a matter of when. We cannot avoid rain — it does not ask permission that it will come. Even worse, sometimes the problems in life can come all at once. When this happens, how do we deal with it? May we always anchor ourselves in the Word of God.

3. Build your life on the rock.
Listen. Understand. Obey. There is so much joy in building our life on the rock — on Jesus.

What do we do when we find our life built on the sand? Stop. Repent. Build again.

Do you want to grow deeper?
Hear and obey. Surrender.