Kwento Ni Eddie

Kilalanin pa natin Si Bro. Eddie nang mas malaliman. Maki-kwento tayo sa kanya. Makinig sa mga Kwento ni Eddie.

More than a religious leader, let’s take a look at the heart of Bro. Eddie as a student, as a former activist, and as a Senate candidate. This is the third time that Bro. Eddie Villanueva from the Bangon Pilipinas political party. What fuels him to run again? What is his background that would make him a compelling and effective upper house legislator? What goes beyond him being the leader of the biggest Christian group in the country?

Follow and watch these three videos on his life as a student from PUP, a radical activist from a state university, and a Senate candidate.

Bro. Eddie Villanueva. Isang boto para sa tagumpay ng bawat Pilipino.

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