I am a Champion! – Carlo Panlilio

Have you failed lately? Have you felt defeated? Have you ever felt being drowned in losing? Live no longer in defeat, live no longer in discouragement. Pastor Carlo shares a powerful message here on being a champion. This brings you not only an encouragement but a constant reminder of your identity as a champion. Plus, a strong know-how on living that identity.


1. You Must Participate

2. You Must Undergo Strict Training

3. You Must Have the Right Motivation

4. You Must Not Waste Your Time

5. You Must Not Waste Your Energy

6. You Must Be Disciplined


Let us share with you some quotable from this podcast episode:

“Don’t just be part of something. If you’re gonna do something, make sure you win. Make sure that you will emerge victorious. Gagawin mo na rin lang, gawin mo nang ikakatagumpay mo.”

“We’re gonna run this race! We’re gonna win the prize! We are winners!”

“Hindi masamang umiyak. Pero ang masama ay ang umiyak ka sa mga walang kakwenta-kwentang bagay.”

“May mga taong gumigising sa umaga. May mga taong gumigising nang maaga. Kita ang pagkakaiba.”

“Minsan, ganito tayo sa buhay eh, sa ‘yo na… pinasa mo pa. Pinalagpas mo ang pagkakataon.”

“Nobody should be a spectator. A spectator never wins.”

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