G12 Campus Revolution 2012: Paint the Campus Red

G12 Campus Revolution 2012: Paint the Campus Red

In one very special and much-awaited day, radical young people from different parts of the country who are all crying out for change to happen in this nation joined together in this year’s Campus Revolution. The conference was held in two big venues—in Philippine International Convention Center and Cuneta Astrodome. The event in Cuneta Astrodome housed campuses from Metro Manila to the key provinces in the Philippines, such as in Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, and Cavite whereas students from Doulos For Christ World Harvest Ministry gathered in PICC. Around 15,000 delegates came for the conference, with both venues overflowing with students hungry and passionate to receive the word of God on how they could revolutionize their campuses.

The conference started with a roll call of universities and parade of their flags with shouts and cheers from the students representing each campus. A cheer dance especially prepared by selected youth from Doulos for Christ also added delight and excitement to the crowd which was then followed with an intense, ground shaking and Spirit-filled praise and worship. With the theme of “Painting the Campus Red,” Pastors and leaders were invited to impart inspiration and instruction on how we could transform the melting pot of our society—the campuses.

Bishop Oriel Ballano, welcomed the conference with a renewing preaching on how it is really to be a true revolutionary. We are not rebels who just get mad about the negative things happening in our country, but we are revolutionaries who create solution to every problem that we face. “Rebels resist but revolutionaries replace.” –BOMB On his second preaching, he then emphasized again the importance of the four basic life, basic skill and vision for promotion each of the revolutionaries should have. The Senior Pastor of Destiny Church Manila, Pastor Carlo Panlilio, then stressed more on what it means to be a real campus revolutionary. According to him, “Once you conform, you cannot transform.” True revolutionaries have clarity and desire. They are determined and sacrificial. These students are the future leaders of our nation who can make choices and who can reach all the families in our society. Pastor Geraldine Ballano focused on teaching the students about standing on their conviction of abiding to what is right and Godly. “If you want to have the revolutionary spirit, you need to have conviction to accept that what is wrong is wrong” – PGCB. According to her, “Lahat ng Kristiyanong kabataan, walang rebelyon sa puso (All Christian students do not have rebellion in their hearts).” A revolutionary’s fight is none other than the good fight of faith! Pastor Sohl De Giua from Gateway Ministries gave a preaching that opened our eyes and made us see the reality of what the real challenge this generation should take. We need to be people who have the plight to survive the normative culture, a culture that is MAD–Morally deficient, with Abrasive personalities, and with Distorted mindset. As revolutionaries, we need to see that the things and cultures are changing because of what we are doing. “A revolution without purpose and passion is a hype”—Pastor Sohl. We need to be history makers and not just people who want to go with the fad. We can revolutionize this nation in three ways: assert your opportunity, concentrate on the essentials and transform your ways.

The eldest daughter of Bishop Oriel, Grace Ballano, also inspired the youth on some more ways on how they could create impact on their campuses. Digging deeper to the passage in Deuteronomy (Deut 1:6-8), Grace emphasized that we can do greater things in our campus if we do not stay long in our present situations, break in and advance, and go to take possession of the land the Lord has promised us. The campus where the Lord has planted us is our promise land. God sent us there not just to study, but to create change. “Your hands will change your campus.”—Grace Ballano One of the key highlight in the conference was the very powerful preaching and inspiration given by TESDA’s Secretary, Sec. Joel Villanueva. He focused on motivating us to really take action in everything that we want to happen in our country. “There should be no middle ground. You have to be on the extreme side of what you are fighting for.” According to him, as agents of transformation, we cannot be irrelevant. Being relevant requires wisdom and sacrifice. Being relevant means you are ready to make a stand. We are called by the Lord to be relevant, effective and exciting agents of transformation in this nation. “Kayo po ay di lang pag asa ng bayan, kayo ang may-ari ng kinabukasan!” –Sec. Joel Villanueva

Wrapping up and giving the final preaching, Bishop Oriel Ballano imparted wisdom on how we can really paint our campus red. We should invest and win the people who are really ripe and ready. We need to dethrone ourselves and start thinking about others rather than our own concerns. We also have to demonstrate a changed life. We cannot give what we do not have. Christ should really be seen in our lives if we want Him to be seen in the lives of other people as well. We should also take persecution for the cause of Christ.

What we are doing is not easy and there would always be resistance on the change that we want to happen in our country. But we need to stand on what we believe in and fight for what is right in the eyes of Christ. And lastly, we need to grab every opportunity to share Christ. We are going to be birthstones that will be used to build a wall for this nation—to defeat all of the plans of the enemy of stealing, killing and destroying lives of the Filipino people. The Campus Revolution made a certain impact to the young people and made them eager and so much ready to start revolutionizing the places they go to. These students are meant to overcome, transform and be victorious in fighting for each and every soul that is to be painted by the blood of Jesus!

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