BLOG FOR THIS: Destiny Church – Manila

We know a lot of you love to write, some even keep blogs faithfully. So blogger or not, writer or not, we encourage you to blog about Destiny Church – Manila. Yep, you’re BORN for this, but we also ask you to BLOG for this.


Here are some guidelines:

1. Your blog entry title must contain the name “Destiny Church – Manila“. You can go creative about it as long as that tag is there (eg. “I love Destiny Church – Manila”“Why i go to Destiny Church -Manila?”“Destiny Church – Manila: You’re my #1”). You can actually use the titles we gave here.

2. Make sure that your blog entry is REALLY posted on a blogsite like Blogger or WordPress. A Facebook post won’t do.

3. No word count requirement. Short and crisp or long and comprehensive, as long as we’re hearing your heart out, we’re on it!

4. English, Taglish, Filipino – kahit anong medium pwede. You can even use your local dialect for some portions of it (but please provide translations, heheh!).

5. COPY and PASTE the following at the end of your blog entry: “Discover more about Destiny” Just make it something like a footnote at the end of your blog post.

5. After posting your blog, just post your blog link on our Facebook page ( or tweet us at @DestinyManila. We’ll screen your entries, and you’re going to have a chance to be featured on our website. Plus, you may be the winner of the special prizes we’re going to give away!


So, hit those keyboards, and join us in telling the whole wide world about Destiny Church Manila. Write right now! 🙂

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